Intro to Tiny House B & B Evolution in Exceptional Western Colorado

” I think you should look for some land ”  

                                                                                                   – Gayleen Rae

This is the story of how these 8 words changed my life.

In July 2017,  I reconnected with a friend of 30 years earlier ( Thank You FB ) , and we discovered that ,after years of searching for one another, we live just over the ( Large ) hill from one another. Only the Grand Mesa (in Colorado) stands between us ; the largest flat top mountain in the world

Gayleen and I google earth

Soon after we reconnected , I went over the Grand Mesa to visit Gayleen on her farm. I was enthusiastic about her farm and land and said as much. She replied ” I think you should look for some land.” What I said in response was, ” Hmmmmmm “, but my concurrent silent thoughts were ” WHAT !!!! I don’t have money for THAT ! I am going to live where I am till I DIE !! ( I’m 57 ). What is she THINKING !! Why did she even SAY THAT !!”


Shortly thereafter I found myself  browsing the internet ” Looking for some land“.

The rest of the land story is rather typical , if you don’t count Mother Teresa and the log cabin from Heirlooms for Hospice.

Let me try and explain who I am along with the land story .

I have this little wooden group of amazing people ( Mother Teresa, Martin Luther, Gandhi and Harriet Tubman * ) who travel with me and I photograph them in different places ( i know… i know )

martin lutgher et all

Sometimes they have a group hug , because it is needed

group hug


Let’s get back to the Point :

While I was looking at the land and working out financing details and price etc, I decided to place Mother Teresa on the land to bless the whole area up there, regardless of whether I got the land or not. So I set her up there one day, in the middle of the 5.65 acres along with a little cabin that I had found at the local Hospice store.

She sat up there with a few followers ( who later fainted in the heat ) but she kept her Silent Vigil for 5 months …


It snowed one day in January , and this is what I found on that cold and snowy morning…..


I ran over and began to dig….


And dig…….

IMG_2707 (1)


There she was , Brave Soul , undaunted by the frigid temps and essentially being buried alive with nothing to do but Pray and wait until help appeared.

It was at that moment that I knew that I would own this land. I knew that her tenacity was equal to mine and that somehow everything would work out.

And it did.




* wooden figurines purchased on Etsy from







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