The Leap from 1 to 5

Originally my plan for the land and tiny house was that I would be living there on the 5 acres and create a labyrinth ( not an easy word to spell !) and have hammocks scattered about the property , and lots of trees and flowers , and a fire pit for gatherings and eventually workshops in a Yurt, and….. and……

Like this





Now I know I have a Great Imagination because I was able to imagine all that ,

while looking at this :

IMG_2758 (1)


So that was my dream and vision for my retirement years. I thought that was the Plan…..

And then one day soon after, I was driving down Townsend Ave in Montrose, CO and I saw this , like in a dream….

Casa with antique view

It was in the parking lot of Habitat for Humanity. After a short conversation with the gal from Habitat I discovered that CASA, Court Appointed Special Avocates, who offer support for foster kids in court, was spearheading this tiny house project to give an opportunity to local students from alternative high schools and other local programs , to have an opportunity to learn the trades of electricians, plumbers and builders through this program.

(You can see more about the CASA 7th Judicial district on this FB page at

I went over to talk with Carlton Mason, the Director of CASA, and we had a lengthy conversation about me purchasing the first tiny home and setting it as an AirBnB on my land. He was hopeful of keeping the kids building the tiny homes well into the future and as I thought about it, I decided that the way I could help was to purchase more houses over the next two years. (It takes about 6-8 months from start to finish for the kids to build one because they work around their school schedules.)

CASA photo with kids

So as we spoke several times and I met and talked to more and more people about this project, I ended up committing to purchasing 4 tiny homes in all, not counting my own. Each of them will be listed on Airbnb, an online marketplace where one can lease or rent short-term lodging.


My house will be ready for me to move in around the end of May to mid-June.


I am so Joyful when I am on the land building temporary fences and planting trees and flowers. I have been given this beautiful place to live and I am quietly grateful about all of it.




Intro to Tiny House B & B Evolution in Exceptional Western Colorado

” I think you should look for some land ”  

                                                                                                   – Gayleen Rae

This is the story of how these 8 words changed my life.

In July 2017,  I reconnected with a friend of 30 years earlier ( Thank You FB ) , and we discovered that ,after years of searching for one another, we live just over the ( Large ) hill from one another. Only the Grand Mesa (in Colorado) stands between us ; the largest flat top mountain in the world

Gayleen and I google earth

Soon after we reconnected , I went over the Grand Mesa to visit Gayleen on her farm. I was enthusiastic about her farm and land and said as much. She replied ” I think you should look for some land.” What I said in response was, ” Hmmmmmm “, but my concurrent silent thoughts were ” WHAT !!!! I don’t have money for THAT ! I am going to live where I am till I DIE !! ( I’m 57 ). What is she THINKING !! Why did she even SAY THAT !!”


Shortly thereafter I found myself  browsing the internet ” Looking for some land“.

The rest of the land story is rather typical , if you don’t count Mother Teresa and the log cabin from Heirlooms for Hospice.

Let me try and explain who I am along with the land story .

I have this little wooden group of amazing people ( Mother Teresa, Martin Luther, Gandhi and Harriet Tubman * ) who travel with me and I photograph them in different places ( i know… i know )

martin lutgher et all

Sometimes they have a group hug , because it is needed

group hug


Let’s get back to the Point :

While I was looking at the land and working out financing details and price etc, I decided to place Mother Teresa on the land to bless the whole area up there, regardless of whether I got the land or not. So I set her up there one day, in the middle of the 5.65 acres along with a little cabin that I had found at the local Hospice store.

She sat up there with a few followers ( who later fainted in the heat ) but she kept her Silent Vigil for 5 months …


It snowed one day in January , and this is what I found on that cold and snowy morning…..


I ran over and began to dig….


And dig…….

IMG_2707 (1)


There she was , Brave Soul , undaunted by the frigid temps and essentially being buried alive with nothing to do but Pray and wait until help appeared.

It was at that moment that I knew that I would own this land. I knew that her tenacity was equal to mine and that somehow everything would work out.

And it did.




* wooden figurines purchased on Etsy from